I’ve never tried a cream product before but when I saw this product in a video I knew I had to try it. Fenty released cream bronzers and blush’s on April 17th. I’ve watched Rihanna herself using these in a video and they blended in so effortlessly. She described the look as a summer “no makeup” makeup look, you can watch it here.

I ordered the shade Macchiato which is for light to medium skin tones. I also purchased the Face Shaping Brush 125 because it was recommended to use with it. This cream bronzer I use more as a contour and it’s very buildable. It blends so easily and it really just melts into the skin.

I apply my foundation and set my entire face with a translucent powder. Then I’ll go in with the cream bronzer and then set that with a powder bronzer. Sometimes I will go right in with the cream after my foundation and then set my whole face. It really doesn’t matter the order because this product will not move whatever you have underneath of it. I really like the brush as well, it’s soft and easy to use. This product is great for beginners, and for someone like me who’s never used a cream product I really like it. I do recommend purchasing the brush along with it.



I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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