So it’s been a week since I glued these nails on and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. There are a few issues that I’ll address but for the most part they are holding on. The beauty of glue on nails is that if they pop off you just glue it right back. There’s no pain of breaking a nail  which I’ve experienced too many times.


So the first night of having them on my right thumb nail popped off while I was doing something. Two days later my other thumb nail popped off that night. And then two days after that I realized I was missing 4 crystals from my right ring finger.

Now I was curious about how well the crystals would hold up. My left hand seems to be fine but now I know for the future that I won’t spend money on nails with gems because they will eventually fall off due to everyday use. As for the nails that popped off, I just think I didn’t put enough glue on my nails. For my first time using these I think they are holding up pretty well. Next time I will add more glue. I haven’t been gentle with them either, I’m acting as though they are my real nails. I am putting these nails to the test.

Also the nails come with glue but I like the Kiss Maximum Speed glue. I’ve been using that glue for a while and it’s what I would use to glue my actual nails back together when I get them done.


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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