Since everything is closed right now I thought what better time then now to try glue-on nails! I found Static Nails on Instagram while I was searching for good reusable nails. I loved how their nails looked online because it’s more neutral colors (which is my vibe). So my mom was sweet enough to order me two sets.


Cristal Almond (Real Swarovski Crystals)

Nudist Coffin

My typical nails when I get them done is coffin shaped and the color of the photos below. When deciding what I wanted I chose a nude coffin, and then for some added fun I went with the almond crystal. The have different shapes, and lengths on their website. Also they sell regular nail polish and glue-ons that you can customize and paint yourself.

At first it was frustrating  putting them on as it was my first time with glue-ons. But once I got to my second hand it was a little easier. It was a tad messy with the glue and the nails with the crystals don’t fully fit my nail on the sides. Other than that I have no other complaints. Under the circumstances they will work for now until I can get my nails done again.  I’m curious to see how long they last so there will be an updated post coming! I will say they look really good and you can’t even tell they are fake.

What it comes with:
  • 24 universal nails in 12 sizes
  • Glue
  • File/Buffer
  • Instructions


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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