Since everyone is stuck at home I decided to share with you two coffee recipes I love! Let’s be real, we are all drinking more coffee than usual. And I’m sure most of us are saving money by not going to Starbucks or Dunkin. I know after this quarantine is over I won’t be needing to go to Starbucks for coffee anymore.

The first recipe is for Vietnamese style coffee that my boyfriend actual turned me onto. The second is the viral Tik Tok “Whipped Coffee” also known as Dalgona coffee. I’ve seen a few people online say they didn’t like the Dalgona coffee but mine turns out really sweet every time! They say this drink is more of a dessert drink (I can see why). It’s the perfect drink to replace your overpriced Starbucks Frappuccino.



What you need:
  • Cup
  • Vietnamese coffee filter
  • Kettle
  • 3 spoonfuls Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 3 spoonfuls Coffee
  • Ice


1: Pour the 3 spoonfuls of coffee into the filter. Press the coffee grounds down with the insert from the filter.

2: Pour 3 spoonfuls of the condensed milk into your cup

3: Then place the filter on top of your cup

4: Boil your water until 200 degrees

5: Once water is boiled pour a small amount into the filter to bloom the coffee. Place lid on top for 30 seconds

6: Once 30 seconds is over pour water slowly until it reaches the top of the filter. Place lid back on top and wait 5-8 minutes for coffee to drip

7: Once coffee is done dripping remove the filter and stir to combine the condensed milk and coffee

8: Add ice and enjoy!



What you need:
  • Bowl
  •  Instant coffee – 2 tbs
  •  Sugar – 2tbs
  •  Hot water – 2tbs
  • Cup
  • Whisk or Hand mixer
  • Ice & Milk of your choice


 1: Put the sugar, & instant coffee in the bowl

 2: Boil your water (needs to be hot to activate the coffee), add to bowl  mixture

 3: With a whisk or hand mixer (I recommend a hand mixer it’s much faster) mix it all together until it’s a caramel color and is smooth and fluffy looking.

4: Add ice and milk of your choice to your cup.

5: Scoop out the mixture and place on top of milk.

6: Lastly make sure you mix it all together once in your cup. Then enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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