What better time then now to share the items I’ve been loving during quarantine. I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee, I finished a really good book, and getting back into working out. I know these are really weird/scary times but we all have to try and keep ourselves busy. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!


Bath & Body Works – Lavender Marshmallow Candle

Pop & Bottle – Vanilla Oat Milk LatteĀ 

I’ll start with the book I read ‘The Other Mrs.’ this was such a good book! I realized I’m into psychological thrillers because you have no idea how the book is going to end. This book is also going to be a Netflix movie and I can NOT wait. There’s something about reading a book before it turns into a show/movie and just seeing it all come to life on a screen that is so cool. I can’t recommend this book enough so go order it!

Next is the elf no budge retractable eyeliner. I’ve been using the Marc Jacobs one for a while and I will say it’s not worth the $26 because it runs out so quick. So I got this elf one for $3 at my grocery store. This eyeliner is great and so is the price. I won’t be spending more than $3 again on an eye pencil.

Candles..you can’t go wrong with Bath & Body Works. This candle my mom picked up for me and it just reminds me of Spring and Easter. The macarons on the packaging is what sold me because I’m obsessed with macarons. But this scent is perfect, the lavender and marshmallow is the perfect balance of sweet but not too sweet.

Coffee because lets be real, we are all drinking more than usual. My boyfriend introduced me to the Koffee Kult brand and that’s what I’ve been drinking. I ordered a 12oz bag off Amazon the other day and they ended up sending me a 32oz (not complaining). I’ve also been using my skull mason jar mug a lot lately which is why it’s in my favorites. My mom had bought it for me at either HomeGoods or Hobby Lobby but they have single and packs of them on Amazon.

Lastly is this new drink that they sell at my grocery store. I’ve seen Pop & Bottle on Instagram and I was interested and now I can get them locally which is great. This one contains collagen which is good for your hair, nails, and skin. Plus the packaging is super cute and I’m a sucker for good packaging. It contains organic ingredients and is dairy free. It’s a perfect little drink for the morning because you are getting health benefits along with 80mg of caffeine.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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