Nothing beats a good pair of workout leggings. Sometimes the perfect fit is very hard to find which is why I’m super excited to be sharing these with you! We all know workout clothes can be expensive especially leggings. I usually wear the same Nike ones every time I workout because they’re high waisted and black.


About a week ago I decided I really wanted a pair of workout leggings with pockets so I didn’t have to keep carrying around my phone and placing it on the floor while at the gym. I searched on Google “workout leggings with pockets” and I came across these. Luckily I live close to an Old Navy so I stopped in to try these on and let me just say YASSS!

These leggings fit perfectly and the material is great. They are both high waisted, black, and have pockets on each side. Your phone will stay put no matter what type of movement you are doing as well. The animal print ones material are slightly different and the bottom part is mesh which I actually really like. I wasn’t sure about the animal print but these are just subtle enough. I got the plain black for $25 and the animal print for $22. You really can’t beat that! I know Old Navy is always having sales so I highly recommend you give these a try.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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