That romantic day is almost upon us! Whether you are going out with your friends, significant other or just staying in these makeup products are perfect. I came up with this idea last week while getting ready. What really sparked it was my chocolate scented liquid lipstick from L’oreal. I started thinking of other beauty products that would be perfect for V-day and these are the ones I choose!


The ABH Modern Renaissance palette just screams romance. One of the shade names is ‘Love Letter’ which sealed the deal for this post. It has reds, oranges, and champagne colors that are just so pretty. If you are into those colors and don’t already own the palette you should check it out.

This lipstick I’ll be honest I haven’t worn it a lot. Mainly because I have my absolute favorites that I stick too but every once in a while I’ll grab it just to smell it. It smells exactly like chocolate and it’s really the weirdest thing! I thought what better lipstick for Valentines Day then a chocolate scented one right!?

Lastly is blush, MAC Melba was one of the first blushes I purchased. I recently dipped into the other day and realized why I bought it in the first place. It’s a really pretty soft coral- peach shade. It’s just enough color that it doesn’t look over done. This was also on MAC’s Valentine Day gift guide so I had to include it!


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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