If you are not familiar with Uncommon James, it’s Kristin Cavallari’s jewelry line. While I was in Nashville I made it a priority to stop by her store in the Gulch. Before heading to Nashville I would look on her website constantly to pick out what items I would want. I don’t know about you but before going out to shop I like to have somewhat of a game plan as far as what items I will be looking for.

The reason I like her jewelry is because she sells more dainty pieces which I’m into. I also love how all the necklaces can be layered. She comes up with the cutest combinations! However if I’m being honest I do think the prices are a tad high for the quality. But compared to other jewelry lines it’s more affordable than most.

While I was there I picked up the ‘Nashville’ necklace as a souvenir from my trip there. It seemed very appropriate, plus it’s nice and long so I can layer it with the other necklaces I already wear. The next item I purchased was the ‘Brunette’ cropped t-shirt. Clearly you all know why I grabbed that. The cut of it is a little weird cause the neck line is higher than most t-shirts but again it’s not everyday you get to shop in Nashville (unless you live there). I also included some pieces that are on my wishlist down below!

Also most of her items come in different colors, but she does have more gold than anything. Personally I am a silver girl! You can find a few of her items in Nordstrom incase you wanted to look and touch first before ordering.





I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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