Hey everyone hope you had a great weekend! I’m back with some more new items I wanted to share with you all. It might seem like I’m constantly shopping but I can promise you that’s not the case. I either get the items all at once or I shop at different times and wait to do a haul. This time around was all in one go so I figured I’d share what I got over the weekend.


Apple – iPhone 11 Pro

Lucky Brand – Jack Daniels Whiskey Tee

Bath & Body Works – Pumpkin Apple Hand Sanitizer

Bath & Body Works – Snowflakes & Cashmere Travel Body Lotion

So I was due for an upgrade with my phone so I decided to get the 11 pro! I figured with all the photo’s I take that it would be beneficial to get the three camera lenses. I absolutely love the phone and I’m so happy with it. If you are contemplating buying it I highly recommend it. I decided to stop in the Lucky Brand store because they have nice vintage looking graphic tees. I wasn’t really planning on buying anything but when I saw this one I knew I needed it because I’m going to Nashville this month and well it seemed fitting. Plus I got it for $23 so can’t complain!

Lastly I went to Bath & Body Works because I had coupons. I really wanted an apple hand sanitizer for the fall which is why I went with the Pumpkin Apple. I also had a free item under $6 so I picked the Snowflakes & Cashmere  body lotion which smells soo good!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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