Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you my favorite fall lipsticks. I know it’s not officially fall time yet but it will be soon enough. I actually got this idea from a YouTuber, Belle Jorden she made a ‘Top Autumn/ Fall Lipsticks You’ll Love’ video which I linked above. So in other words I got inspired to make this post!


MAC – Honey Love Matte Lipstick

MAC – Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick

MAC – Myth Satin Lipstick

Kat Von D – Lolita Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

L’Oréal Paris – Infallible Pro Matte Les Chocolates Scented Liquid Lipstick

(Dose of Cocoa)

You can wear these shades any time of year but for me they are more of fall nudes. Yes they are nudes because that’s all I wear. I included the shade Myth because it’s the perfect shade to add on top of other colors. One of my fall/winter combinations is Lolita with Myth in the center. I totally forgot to add the L’Oréal chocolate lipstick to the photo but if you love chocolate then that’s enough reason to purchase this lipstick! I mentioned it here if you want to read more about it.


ABH – Lip Primer

Bite Beauty – Agave Lip Balm

It’s so important to have a good base before putting any type of lipstick on. I wanted to include my two all time favorite lip products that help with smooth lips. I’ve used these two for years and I can’t live without them (dramatic I know) lol.  The lip balm I apply every night before bed that way I wake up with smooth lips. The lip primer I apply before any type of lipstick. The primer locks in your lip color, and prevents it from flaking or bleeding.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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