Hey everyone! I’m back with some more new things, yay! I love Morphe, they have such good quality products for such an affordable price. My boyfriends sister was kind enough to gift me these new products. Both of which I’ve been wanting to try out.

 Continuous Setting Mist 

9D Painted Desert Artistry Palette 


Row 1:

Photo Op / shimmering butterscotch

Vista / matte red rock

Overlook / matte cocoa

Row 2:

Bucket List / matte peach sorbet

High Temp / matte cherry

Horizon / matte papaya

Row 3:

Awestruck / shimmering champagne

Scenic / shimmering copper

Panoramic / matte apricot

These colors are right up my alley! I love how small these palettes are, it allows for easy travel use. As much as I love the big eyeshadow palettes, I don’t use every shade in them.

As for the setting mist, I really like it. I think the continuous mist was a genius idea because you can just keep spraying and spraying.


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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