Hi everyone! I’m bringing you an exciting post today. A few weeks ago I was in search of a blackhead & pore vacuum and saw a few on amazon but was skeptical. So I did more searching and came across the BlackVac which was on sale for $29 plus free shipping. It’s still on sale so if you are interested I recommend grabbing it because it’s originally $99. You can read all about it plus reviews on their website! I’m going to be sharing my personal experience over the last few weeks.

I’ve suffered with blackheads for YEARS on my nose which than moved onto my chin. I’ve tried the scrubs, and  biore strips and unfortunately nothing really seemed to work long term. I also didn’t want to spend over a hundred dollars on professional facials. That’s when I decided I would just try the pore vacuum and let me tell you I’m obsessed!


As you can see in the photo below it comes with a cable for charging, (I plug it into my iPhone charger cube) and 5 different nozzles. I really only use the one that came attached to it already because it works really well for the nose area. I had to charge it when I first got it and haven’t charged it again since. The vacuum has 3 speeds, low, medium, and high. They recommend starting off low and practicing on your hand because you can cause bruising and red marks if you keep it in the same spot for more than a second or two. I had no problem working with it, it’s fairly easy.


It works best when you’re face is wet/damp and the pores are opened (duh). I stand in-front of a magnified mirror so I can really see what I’m doing. I honestly could use this vacuum for hours because it’s so satisfying and leaves your skin feeling so so soft. If you suffer from blackheads then you know the gritty texture your skin gets especially when your makeup is on. After using this for the past few weeks my nose and chin have been much smoother.  I noticed I don’t have as many blackheads as I did previously.

I don’t have before/after photos because 1.I forgot the first time because I was way too excited to open it and try it, and’s hard to take a photo of your own nose and try to focus the camera. But down below you can see all the gunk it sucked out! I use this 3 times a week, which is the recommend amount of times but in all honesty I would use it whenever I felt like my skin needs it.

It’s such a great feeling when you use a product that actually works especially if you have been trying to get rid of the problem area for so long. This vacuum has been my saving grace ever since I got it.


I’m putting this part in here because I wasn’t sure how to clean it at first. Water isn’t strong enough to completely get the gunk out of the nozzle so I use q-tips and I wedge it in there and clean it that way along with hot water.


Sorry if it’s a little blurry, the camera wouldn’t focus!

As you can see it sucked out a lot of excess oil and dirt out of my pores and that’s after showering and washing my face. So it’s crazy how much gunk gets trapped in your pores.

If you have annoying blackheads & pores than I recommend you give this vacuum a try. The vacuum is small enough to travel with and has now become apart of my skincare routine.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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