Hey everyone! I want to start this post off by saying I know there is a lot of controversy regarding these lipsticks but as of right now I have had no issues. I was really looking forward to posting this but was a little hesitant after reading all the negative reviews, but I figured my review was just as important.

If you follow Jaclyn Hill then you know her cosmetics line has been in the making for 5 years. A few weeks ago she introduced her followers to her line and what her first launch would consist of…LIPSTICKS! Not just any lipsticks: Nude, Rich, Buttery lipsticks! I’m going to be breaking down everything from the ordering process, to her website, to packaging!

Everyone loves a good nude lipstick which is why Jaclyn made an all nude collection. Her thought’s behind this were that companies only launch around 3 nudes in their collections along with a ton of other bright colors that one wouldn’t typically wear. She wants everyone to be able to find their perfect nude shade.┬áNow I love a good nude lipstick because that’s all I wear and they go with everything.



So Rich Lipstick- Hustle

So Rich Lipstick- Obsessed

The Lipsticks:

There are 20 lipsticks in her collection which cost $18 each. She has 4 lip trios that are $49, and the entire collection for $295. These lipsticks are good, and they look and feel like a luxury product but for an affordable price. The smell is similar to MAC lipsticks but a little more subtle. They are very buttery and pigmented and go on super smooth. I ate and drank with these on and they still stayed. They are easy to remove as well.

Hustle looks really brown in the swatches but on my lips it’s a really pretty nude. I was a little nervous when I first opened it and thought it was going to be way to brown but like Jaclyn said she thinks this color would look good on everyone. Obsessed is a more peachy pink nude and it’s just a great color to have in your collection. MAC ‘Yash’ is similar to Obsessed for reference. That’s the only color in my collection that I could compare it too, and nothing I own compares to Hustle.

What I love about these lipsticks is that they are mositurizing even after you remove them. Usually after removing any lip product my lips get dry but not with these!

Ordering Process:

We all know how nerve wracking launches are in hopes we get through the ordering process before items sell out or even worse the site crashes. Jaclyn Cosmetics launched at 12 P.M. EST on May 30th. I was able to get onto the website right at 12, grab my lipsticks, and order within seconds. I ran in to NO issues and the entire process was so quick and easy.

The first thing to sell out was the entire bundle of lipsticks. In which Jaclyn took to her social media to let her followers know that they were working on making more bundles as she speaked so that more people were able to purchase them. To me that showed that she truly wanted everyone to get what they sought after.


I received my shipping email the SAME day I had placed my order which I was not expecting. Inside her emails are cute sayings such as “obsessively track your order” which couldn’t describe females any better. I don’t know about you but I track my packages constantly. It really is all about the details which make a good impression. It took 6 days from when I made the order to receive my lipsticks which isn’t bad, on her website it said 3-7 business days.


There is absolutely no surprise here that her packaging is extra! I love the diamond on top and the glittery tube. It’s definitely a lipstick you want to show off and keep on display. The actual packaging they come in is very chic and simple and the names of the lipsticks are also on the top of the box as well as the bottom of the actual lipsticks.


Her website is very easy to navigate and all the graphics are visually appealing..of course! Again she has cute, witty sayings such as: Enter a world where all your boujee dreams come true.

Left to right- Hustle & Obsessed


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo


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