Hey everyone! The other day I made an online order and then realized the two items I have the most of in my wardrobe: Jackets and shoes!

When it comes to putting an outfit together I’m basic: jeans, and a plain top or graphic tee. Thats why I like to accessorize with shoes and jackets! A pop of color or a printed shoe really transforms a basic outfit. I’ve said this before but I love pieces that are easy to throw on and you don’t have to think about it. Statement pieces are so important in ones closet.

I don’t change up my jewelry so I don’t really accessorize that way, and I don’t always use a different bag. That’s why I lean toward shoes, and jackets because they are so easy to style. Sometimes I’ll decide what shoes I want to wear first and than put my outfit together around them. I’ve been smarter when it comes to my purchases and if you read my Where I Get My Clothes blog post you would have seen me touch on the topic. Clothes are something I haven’t been purchasing recently only because everyone is in the transition period and there really isn’t anything catching my eye yet but shoes are something I’m becoming more obsessed with (I’m actually running out of room for all my shoes)!

Even if you have the most basic wardrobe when it comes to clothes you can ALWAYS dress it up with a good pair of shoes or a jacket. I honestly love basic outfits with a shoe that pops because it makes the outfit more interesting. Plus you don’t want to take away from the shoes with too many colors or prints in your clothing.

Shopping Tip:

Whether it’s online or in store and you find a piece you like, first think about what other items in your wardrobe it could go with. Too many times we buy items we can only wear once or it’ll only go with one other thing in our closet.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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