Where I Get My Clothes: Quality vs. Quantity

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you all where I get my clothes from. Also why you should be considering quality over quantity while shopping. I’m going to bring you through the top clothing/shoe brands that I spend my money on!


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone lol! I’ve been shopping at Express for a while now and that’s because they constantly come out with trendy pieces for each season. Not to mention it’s really easy to shop/navigate your way around the store. Nothing bothers me more than walking into a clothing store and not knowing where to start. At Express everything is always neatly folded and displayed which makes it easy on the eyes when browsing. Also the mannequins sell the looks, having mannequins  wearing the items gives customers a visual when shopping.

I love Express’s clothes because I know the quality is there most of the time. Usually when I am purchasing from there, it’s for key items. They are pricey which is why I only ever buy one or two items there at a time. I do love how they send out coupons each month, and if you are a part of the rewards program you accumulate points which turn into money rewards. They have been having sales a lot which definitely pushes me to spend money there.


Hands down my favorite shoe brand! 99% of my shoes are Steve Madden and thats because he comes out with the best designs. They are also very comfortable, and always chic. If you are apart of the SM Pass rewards you also get perks. I had a $10 reward not to long ago that I got to use on a purchase. Companies are definitely coming out with incentives for customers to buy from them.


Zara can be a hit or miss because they are a fast fashion company. If you don’t know what fast fashion is its inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. It helps to shop there in person that way you can feel the fabrics. I’ve purchased cheap items from there that won’t  necessarily stand the test of time but for a basic t-shirt why not. I have a few pieces that are absolutely great quality and well worth the money.

Zara is constantly rotating their stock that something I bought one week won’t be on their site the next when I go to blog about it. But Zara is a cool place to go and see all the different trends. You will find some really key pieces that are worth having in your wardrobe!


This is definitely a newbie on my list! I always thought that Lucky Brand wasn’t really my style until my dad started shopping there and introducing me to the vibe. I’ve come to really like it because the quality is TOP NOTCH! Again, I only buy certain pieces from there because the whole store isn’t exactly my style. Yes they are pricey but you are paying for great quality products. Which is why I say quality over quantity when shopping. Your money will go so much further if you spend it on better quality items because you will have those items for years.

Their t-shirts are the softest, and so comfortable. I also just got two pairs of high waisted shorts for my trip to Florida so I am really excited to wear them!


I put these two together because I don’t always shop from these places. The jeans that you always see in my photos (Black-Fashion Nova, Blue-H&M) are from them. I do really like each of their jeans and they are affordable! Every once in a while I will buy a piece here and there from these places but they are not my go-to.


If you’ve been following me then you will know there was a few months where I went crazy shopping at Fashion Nova. I stopped after I realized I didn’t really need the items I was purchasing. I was buying from them because they are a fast fashion brand and there was so many styles to pick from. But I’ve since changed the way I shop, again bringing it back to quality vs. quantity. Fast fashion brands are known for cheap clothing, which makes you buy more than you probably need. I just hated the fact that I was accumulating items that weren’t all good quality and now just sit in my closet.

Another thing I can’t stand about fast fashion items is returning them. I return more fast fashion items than any other clothing brand. Not to mention that fast fashion brands like  Pretty Little Thing aren’t actual stores so you can’t go in and try the items on.There is nothing wrong with fast fashion especially if you are on a budget or you are looking for an item for a one time occasion. It’s all about personal preference, and for me now I’d rather only buy from places like that when something really catches my eye. Not just for the sake of buying an abundance because it’s cheap.


Going forward I no longer want to spend my money on cheaper items because it’s quick at the time. I would much rather invest my money in pieces that will last me for years and not have to get rid of after a few months. I feel that by changing your mindset to that, you will save more money in the long run. It’s definitely a personal preference when it comes to spending a little bit more on a better quality t-shirt vs. a cheaper one but I’m telling you that there’s such a major different in how it fits, lays, and washes.

If you don’t have the means to splurge on every aspect of your wardrobe just yet then start off with one or two pieces. Maybe invest in better denim or jackets. By no means do you have to spend hundreds on your clothing because I certainly don’t, but you can clearly see the difference between fast fashion brands vs. higher end.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo




  1. Lisa Rivera
    February 21, 2019 / 1:54 pm

    Great post! And I learned what ‘fast fashion’ means….. lol

    • danielladelorenzo
      February 21, 2019 / 1:59 pm

      I’m glad you enjoyed it lol!

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