Hey everyone! I’m a huge fan of products that remind me of dessert, I mean who isn’t?! I especially love when brands packaging resembles sweet treats. I must say I am a sucker for cute packaging because after all that’s what you see first before testing out a product. So I thought it would be fun to review some of my “sweet” products for you all!

*Keep an eye out for next weeks post. It’ll be the beauty products I got for Christmas!

L’Oreal (Pro Matte Les Chocolats Scented Liquid Lipstick)– I saw an ad for these liquid lipsticks in a magazine and obviously that night I had to go find them! I got the scent ‘Dose of Cocoa’ which is a mauvey-nude. These smell EXACTLY like chocolate, and honestly that’s why I wanted it. I love that it’s a liquid lipstick, being that’s all I typically wear since they last the longest. If you are a chocolate lover then I highly recommend purchasing one! I will say only the tube smells like chocolate, you don’t smell it once it’s on your lips.

Bath & Body Works (Hot Cocoa & Cream Body Lotion)– The other day I went to the store during their $8 candle sell (it was a complete mob, incase you were wondering). I randomly found this small body lotion sitting on a table so I grabbed it. I’m so glad I bought this because the smell is heavenly, and the packaging is super cute. It’s not exactly a hand lotion but who cares, works the same way! I wash my hands a lot which causes them to get really dry, so I always have lotion in my purse. This contains Shea Butter which leaves your hands super soft and moisturized.

It’s Skin (Cookie Hand Cream)– I’ve talked about this product numerous times on my blog and there’s a good reason! I originally found this in Sephora a long time ago and was never able to find it since. This one I found on Amazon luckily! I use this hand lotion every night before bed, it smells just like mint chocolate chip. It has real cookie pieces inside that melt into your skin. If that isn’t enough to make you buy it then idk what is!


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo


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