Hello everyone! I always loved the look of faux leather leggings but never actually bought a pair. My mom treated me to these ones from Zara because she has her own in black and red and she thought I would like them! I wanted to show you that there are different ways you can style leather leggings because I feel like these are one of those items most people steer clear of.

In the above photo I wanted to style them more causal. This is an outfit you can wear to class, the mall, or even out to eat. I love the mixed textures of the leather and suede from the thigh high boots. I threw on a white t-shirt from Zara and tied it, and then my Express camo sweater for a little pop of print.

Zara- Faux Leather LeggingsĀ 

Little Glam

This next look I got inspiration (here) from one of the models on Zara’s website. She was modeling a different pair of faux leather leggings but I loved how they paired an oversized sweater and a waist belt. This outfit would be perfect for the holidays or if you are going out. I paired it with two different shoes cause you can really wear either depending on the look you are going for.

Denim x Leather

I went really casual with this look because lets be real, most of us aren’t dressing up every day of the week! The denim mixed with the leather looks really good. Again the mix of texture works really well. I paired it with some slide on sneakers and a graphic crop top.

Casual x Edgy

For the last look I mixed causal yet edgy. I really like the contrast of the black and white. I paired these with my Good American over sized sweater and my Steve Madden booties.

Don’t be afraid to try pieces you wouldn’t typically wear.You may just fall in love with it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo



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