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Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and found an outfit you really loved but the brands weren’t tagged? I’ve been there many times and its frustrating. I didn’t understand why these influencers didn’t just say where there items were from. A lot of influencers tag If you never heard of them before they are a shopping discovery app that allows you to instantly shop your favorite influencer pics across social media.

This has become my favorite app for fashion because there are direct links to the pieces these influencers are wearing. Say goodbye to trying to google where items are from because this app’s got it covered. If you love fashion than you need this app! It makes shopping for certain pieces SO much easier and it’s perfect for needing style inspiration.



When you first sign in you see the page on the left which is where you can see your ‘likes’. If you click on the instagram button it’ll take you to’s instagram page where you can screenshot any look. Once you screenshot a look it’ll come up on this page. You can than click on the screenshot and see the links to the items.

*Make sure under your account you enable them to access your photos, thats when your screenshots will automatically appear here*


Here is where you will see all the people you follow and their photos. It’s like Instagram where you can scroll through.


Next is the discover page (again like Instagram). You can browse things like beauty, home, sale alert, style tips, fitness, family, etc. There’s 19 different categories to explore.


Now we have the wish list, this is where items will go that you heart. Everything is than in one place and makes it really easy to see all the items you want to get.


Lastly this page is where you can search your favorite influencers or discover new ones. It’s like a suggested page.


Once you click on a photo you will see this underneath of it. Little photos of all the items linked. You than click on an item and it will take you directly to it. Sometimes influencers will link dupes to cheaper versions of an item or other items that would work with the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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