My Makeup Storage + Vanity

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and looked at vanities and makeup storage? They are  very satisfying to look at, plus some are so well done. I recently bought myself an acrylic makeup organizer. I’ll be honest I was debating purchasing one of these for a while 1. they can be very pricey 2. I wasn’t sure what size would be good for me. Thanks to Amazon I found the perfect size for my collection at such an affordable price!

Amazon- Organizta Acrylic Makeup & Cosmetic Organizer 

Before I was storing all my makeup in a caboodle from Ulta because I figured if I had to travel everything was already set to go. The only time I actually took the entire case was when I was doing somebody’s makeup. When traveling I only take the products I need so the caboodle was only being used at home. It started to get annoying having to open the case on my vanity and reach in to get what I needed. So that’s when I made the decision to buy an acrylic organizer that I could keep on top of my vanity. Now I can see everything I have plus it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at. To be honest I didn’t think I had that much makeup until I had to make it all fit in this organizer.

What’s great is that I eliminated so much off the top of my vanity buy buying this. It holds all my brushes and my palettes I use daily (except my Jaclyn Hill one).

I have more lip products than anything! Thankfully this organizer comes with a lipstick holder section. I also used a few of the back compartments to hold lip liners and other lipsticks which is very convenient.



Ikea- MALM Dressing Table

Ikea- TOBIAS Chair

Ikea- TEJN Rug

Impressions Vanity- Glamour Vanity Mirror

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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