What Makes A Great Fall Wardrobe

Fall is probably my favorite season as far as outfits go. I love fall fashion, the thigh high boots, and leather jackets. Fall has a great balance of warm and cool weather. I hate being too cold, and being too hot is just uncomfortable. So you have that perfect season of getting to layer but not overkill. For me there are a few staples to have that make a great fall wardrobe. I’m excited to be sharing with you my favorite pieces for the fall time!


Shoes are one of those items that can transform an outfit. You can wear a white t-shirt and denim jeans and throw on some printed booties and BAM, your outfit just went from 0-100. It’s always good to invest in a good quality pair of booties/thigh highs for the cooler months. Odds are you will get more use out of them then you realize. Plus if you are like me you enjoy dressing up when you can which means you’ll be wearing thigh high boots to class, dinner, the mall, and anywhere else you get a chance. You’ve seen many blog posts of me wearing my thigh high boots and I can’t express enough how comfortable and stylish they are. Steve madden is my go-to for shoes! Yes they are a little bit pricey but I’m telling you shoes are worth splurging on.


Don’t get me started on leather jackets lol! I’m obsessed with them, I have 4 right now and clearly I’m not stopping there. I think leather jackets are a MUST in anyones wardrobe. I don’t care what climate you live in, you better own a leather jacket. For some reason they just work with every outfit, and are so convenient ┬áto throw on. Plus they are stylish/edgy. This is another one of those staple items because once paired with a t-shirt and jeans you just brought your outfit to a whole new level.


I think owning at least two pairs of jeans is important, one being black and the other regular denim. Denim goes with everything so with that being said it’s a no brainer to own them. I love the look of basic denim with thigh high boots which you’ve seen on my blog. My favorite type of jeans or any pant for that matter is high waisted. I think high waisted pants are flattering (for me at least), and it allows you to wear crop tops without showing too much skin.



Having good basics such as long sleeve tees, t-shirts, and tanks are perfect for layering. My go-to in the cooler months is a black long sleeve tee underneath a jacket. ASOS has really good basics for an affordable price and they come in multipacks. For example you can get a 3 pack of long sleeve shirts for $35. Sites like PrettyLittleThing has them as well. I think that is the perfect opportunity to stock up on basics because you’ll always need them in your wardrobe.

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet! By owning staple pieces like these it makes putting together outfits easy.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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