How To Style: Faux Leather Skirt

Nothing is worse than buying an item and not knowing how to style it. Or even worse, it only works with one outfit. Luckily this gem works with many different looks. I feel as if leather skirts are hard to work with for most people because they look at it as a dressy item. You can dress any item up or down it just all depends on what you wear with it.

This high waisted leather belted mini skirt is another one of those pieces that you want to add to your wardrobe. It not only works for warmer months but also the colder months. I hate items that you can only wear during one season because than you have to wait around until you can wear it again. In this post I’ll be showing you 6 different looks that work with this skirt. There are so many ways you can style a leather skirt so don’t be afraid to get creative!


Express- High Waisted Leather Belted Mini Skirt

Puma X MAC- Creme d’Nude Sneakers

I wanted to really make this skirt casual by pairing it with a t-shirt and sneakers. Nothing screams casual than sneakers. First I love a graphic tee and the colors of this look just work really well together. You get a little pop of color from the sneakers. This skirt would work with any sneaker and t-shirt you own. Even a good basic top and sandals would look good.


Of course I had to throw in a dressy number. For those occasions that you have somewhere nicer to go you can pair the skirt with a lace bodysuit and some strappy heels. This look may not be everyones idea of “dressy” but this is my style and I think this look is bomb.


Fashion Nova- Veronica Off The Shoulder Top

Steve Madden- Gabriana Boot

I wanted to show how easy it is to transition this skirt from the warmer months into the cooler months. Just add thigh high boots and a long sleeve top and there you have it.

Steve Madden- Brave Bootie (similar)

This look is one of my favorites! I love the printed bootie with an all black outfit because it really makes them stand out. You can pair any cropped sweatshirt or sweater and pair it with a bootie and there you have it, a perfect fall outfit.



These were the first two looks I tried on with the skirt when I got it. I wanted to include them because I wanted to show you how versatile this skirt really is. You can pair anything you want with   a leather skirt. Don’t let the leather part scare you away from buying it because you now see all the pieces you can wear with it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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