Morphe VS. Kylie Cosmetics

Happy Fourth of July everyone! If you read last weeks post then you should already know what I’m going to be talking about today. I received both of these eyeshadow palettes for my birthday and I was very excited to share them with you. Of course they are full of warm tones which are my favorite! Personally you can never have to many warm tone shadows in your collection.


By looking at these palettes they may look very similar and you would be correct. By first glance the Morphe one is my favorite because the colors just pop so much more. Im not sure if that has something to do with the black packaging. Either way both palettes have similar shades with the exception of the shimmers. They both are very pigmented and blend easily. The only negative about the Kylie palette is that the colors just by looking at them look bland until you actually swatch them and apply it.

Packaging wise they both have big mirrors which is convenient when traveling. But I like the Morphe packaging better because you can stand the palette up and the mirror part can be moved whereas the Kylie one opens like a book and doesn’t stay up itself. I also like how Morphe has the names underneath the shadows, the Kylie one has them listed on the back. I will say you don’t need both of these palettes because they are so much alike but if I had to pick just one it would probably be the Morphe one. On a daily basis I try and use both palettes because there are certain shades I use from each.

Overall they are both worth getting if you truly want both or whichever brand you like more is what I would go with. But the Morphe one is $12 vs. the Kylie one which is $42. So realisticaly you can get the same thing for a lot cheaper since the colors are very similar. Other then that they are the perfect size palette and if you love warm tones like me then you definitely need one of these in your life!

Morphe- 9C Jewel Crew 

Kylie Cosmetics- The Burgundy Palette



(Left is Morphe, Right is Kylie)


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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