My Weekend

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a fun Memorial Day weekend! I decided to switch things up this week and share with you something other than beauty and fashion. My boyfriends birthday was on Memorial Day so as an early celebration we went to New York City.

We went to a restaurant called Catch NYC¬†which is a seafood restaurant. It’s three levels with a rooftop bar. Each floor gives a unique dinning experience. If you are from New York or live close enough I would recommend giving the Catch a try. The food was so fresh and tasty. The service was on point as well. Every time my boyfriend or I got up from the table we would come back to a folded napkin, and the table was kept clean the whole time.

At night the rooftop turns into a club like atmosphere, unfortunately we didn’t stick around for that but it seems fun! When you first walk in to the Catch you take an elevator up to the main floor. I thought that was such a cool feature for a restaurant to have because it added to the ambiance. Our table faced the elevator so we got the pleasure of people watching. I enjoyed seeing everyones outfits as they got off the elevator!

The dessert was so cool, it was a layered cake with the top being a klondike bar. You then had to crack it open with your fork as the waiter poured hot chocolate sauce over it! If you are interested in seeing it it’s all over Catch’s Instagram and tagged photos.


Grilled Shrimp with Kale Pesto Sauce

Local Grilled Snapper with Lobster Mash

Lobster Mac & Cheese

‘Hit Me’ Chocolate Cake


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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