Glossier ‘You’ Perfume

Perfume is very hard to explain unless you are physically smelling it. But I really wanted to tell you all about this one! Glossier sells this fragrance “You” in both a liquid and a solid.. yes I said solid. I think it’s a really cool concept and very different then anything I’ve tried.

As said on their website:

The three base notes melt in with your skin
_ambrette: comfy, warm
_ambrox: smooth, salty, animalistic
_musk: long-lasting, addictive

Both scents are exactly the same! As far as the solid goes it literally melts into your skin. “Encased in a weighted metal compact sculpted to perfectly fit the curve of your palm and thumb, with an addictively flippable hinged swivel. Swing open, press finger into the scented base, glide You onto skin wherever you please. Repeat as desired.”

It also comes with a little bag for carrying which is perfect for traveling. I keep it in my makeup bag because it’s that small. What I like to do after I glide it onto my skin is to rub the excess into my hair. That way nothing goes to waste. It’s almost like those chapsticks that you have to rub your finger in, except it’s perfume. The solid packaging does have a decent weight to it which makes it feel more high end.

I am obsessed with this scent, it’s very fresh and perfect for everyday. You can also layer the two to ensure it lasts longer. If I had to recommend one I would say get the liquid because you get more scent payoff, but if you already own this then try out the solid!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo


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