Instagram Outfit | Business Chic

I’m back with another Instagram outfit, except this time I really can’t wait to wear this out. Once I put this outfit together I was in love. This outfit would not only be perfect for work but also for a date night. I call it Business Chic because it looks professional but at the same time super stylish.


TobiDolphin Hem Dress

ExpressPremium Wool Blend Belted Trench Coat

(They don’t have it in black right now, but any sleek long black coat would work)

Steve MaddenGabriana Boot

I really loved the all black outfit with the print and color from the LV bag. Of course any statement bag would work for this outfit! This is one of those outfits wear you just feel super confident in but still very comfortable. I feel like a real boss babe in this! Just remember to  wear whatever you feel good in. I post outfits to inspire others and to hopefully recreate!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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