Instagram Outfit | Fashion Nova


If you remember last year I wanted to start sharing my “Instagram Outfits”. These looks I put together for content but would wear out when needed. I take a lot of outfit photos that I don’t always necessarily wear out that day. But I love playing dress up and seeing what I can put together. This actually helps me a lot because when I do go out I already know what looks good together.

I’ve been living in Fashion Nova clothes lately because they are just so affordable and everything fits perfectly. Everything I own from them I love. It really has become my favorite place to shop. I would say I’m on their website at least once a day, just browsing and adding items to my wishlist lol.

Fashion NovaLimited Baby Tee (size small)

Fashion NovaWell Played Jeans (size 3)

If you haven’t checked out Fashion Nova I highly recommend it because it will change your life. I mean hey they don’t have 10 ┬ámillion followers on Instagram for nothing!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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