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I love designer handbags but they can be very expensive. For me it’s not so much about the name/brand but more the style of the bags. I love structured bags like Céline, and Givenchy. Obviously those are very pricey handbags but definitely something to invest in one day!

Fashion Drug makes real Italian leather, designer inspired handbags for a reasonable price. Not only do they make handbags, but they have clothing as well. On their website they say that “Fashion bloggers, and instagirls are our biggest inspiration”. Instagram is actually where I came across Fashion Drug because a lot of the influencers I follow own these bags.

Fashion Drug Never Out Of Style 


If you are familiar with designer bags then you know this is a Céline inspired one. To me a good bag is one that can stand up on it’s own and hold its shape. What I love about this bag is that it has little feet (hardware) on the bottom so that when you put it down it won’t ruin the bottom of the bag. Another bonus is that you can zip it up. Some of my bags don’t have a zipper, which can be really annoying. I like having the option to close up my purse if needed.

The straps you see are to close in the sides of the bag. Céline bags are known for the wing like sides that stick out, so if you want more of a square shape you have the option of doing so. This bag is very different and not something you see other brands try to duplicate. That’s why I love Fashion Drug because they are the only brand I know of that makes designer inspired bags and for cheap!

The inside of the bag has plenty of room for all my things. It comes with a pocket for your phone, and as you can see in the photo it has a zippered compartment on the inside as well as on the front. You can actually fit a good amount of things in this bag! It also comes with a duster bag. This bag comes in other colors and a mini version as well.

Not only is this bag the perfect size but it’s also classy, simple, and goes with any outfit. For $96 it’s SO worth it. Granted this looks more expensive then it is but thats what makes Fashion Drug so good! I did receive this as a Christmas gift, but I would 100% put out my own money for these bags. You get real leather bags that look identical to the real thing for such a good price. They have other styles to pick from, all of which are super nice. I already know what one I want next!

*Down below is the real bag vs. Fashion Drug*


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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