Mini Jacket Haul

Since it’s winter here in New Jersey I wanted to share with you some of my new jackets/coats. All three of these jackets I received as Christmas Presents. I love a good jacket because they make a great statement piece and I’m all about that! You can have a basic outfit but if you add a colored or embroidered jacket it instantly dresses up an outfit.

*These items are either currently sold out or not available in the color I have* Sorry!!


Unfortunately they no longer have this color online so I linked the black one. You can always check your closest Zara, because I found this in store. Other than that this jacket is very comfortable, and the color is gorgeous. I decided to step out of my black clothes bubble and try something a little different. I figured this color would look great with all black (first photo). Like I said before, this is a statement piece. I love how the green is more toned down so it would look great with neutral tones.



If you watch Jaclyn Hill then you would have seen this jacket on her Christmas gift guide video. I have a Blanknyc jacket that I’ve blogged about a while ago. They make the most amazing faux leather jackets I have ever seen. If you want to talk about a statement jacket then THIS is it. I nearly stopped breathing when I opened this on Christmas lol. This jacket is EXTRA and so sparkly!! I wore it once and already received compliments on it.

I got mine from Nordstrom but they are currently sold out but here is the link in case they restock it.


I really wanted a nice coat that I could wear for going out. My boyfriend purchased this for me for Christmas as well and I love it so much! We went to New York City over the weekend and it was very cold but with this jacket on I was fine. I had one layer on underneath and wasn’t cold at all (besides for my face). It’s so chic and I love the belt because it makes it more flattering and form fitting. It really is perfect for the cold weather because of the wool. I paired it with my thigh high boots and I was good to go. They don’t have the black one online right now, but if you check your local mall they may have it. Overall it’s just one of those coats that are really good to have in your wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo


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