FashionNova Haul

Hello everyone, I hope you all had an amazing holiday! Today I wanted to share with you all the goodies I got from FashionNova. My boyfriend bought me everything that was on my wishlist as part of my Christmas present. So obviously I had to share everything I got with you!

I love FashionNova because they are reliable. The shipping is fast, their clothes are SUPER affordable, and the items fit perfectly. Every item in the photos will be from FashionNova except the shoes.

Tennis Court II Set



Limited Baby Tee

Killin It Tee

Well Played JeansĀ 


Favorite Tee Black Bodysuit

Londyn Tee Ivory


The Original Trendsetter Velour Hoodie

I am a size small in all of the tops and the two piece set for reference. There are a few basic pieces but that’s what I wanted because they will go with everything in my wardrobe. If you haven’t checked out FashionNova I HIGHLY suggest it because their clothing is so comfortable and wallet friendly!


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

Have a Happy New Year!!

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