How To Find Your Style


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”-Rachel Zoe. When it comes to style and fashion you can do whatever you want. It’s one of those things where you can be creative as you want and really make it your own.

Find Inspiration

If you are not sure what your style is yet don’t worry! One tip that is helpful is looking through images whether it be on Instagram or Pinterest. By scrolling through these images find outfits that interest you and that you could see yourself wearing. Sometimes it’s easier seeing an outfit put together on somebody else that way you already know what looks good together.

Shopping in your own closet 

Instead of wanting to buy a new outfit for every occasion try looking in your own closet first. Try putting together outfits with the clothes you already own. Doing this will help you become better at putting outfits together while figuring out your style in the process.

Step outside your comfort zone

If there is a statement piece you have been eyeing up GET IT. Don’t be afraid if it’s not your style because with statement pieces you can easily make it your own. Anything could look good on as long as you wear it with confidence. Let’s say you want a faux fur jacket, pair that with some high waisted jeans, tied up t shirt, and some boots or sneakers and bam! Styling outfits doesn’t have to be hard. You can pair basic pieces with a statement shoe or jacket without being overdone. If that’s not your style then you wear it whatever way makes you comfortable. If leggings and sneakers are your thing then hell pair a faux fur jacket with that! Try out different looks and you will soon find what suits you best.

Be Yourself 

You were born an original so don’t die a copy. Nothing beats being yourself especially when it comes to fashion. Don’t feel like you have to keep up with the trends just because everyone else is. Wear what makes you happy, comfortable, and confident! Your style is what makes you different. People will either love it and use it as inspiration or some may not like it and thats okay!

I hope this helps you find your style and until next time xoxo

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