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“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends”- Kate Spade. If you follow my Instagram then you would have already seen this outfit. I sometimes post outfit photo’s like this just for the hell of it, not because it’s what I’m actually wearing that day. I enjoy putting together outfits with pieces I already own and seeing what I can come up with. For me it’s fun and nostalgic because it reminds me of when I was little.

As for the outfit, I absolutely loved this look. You have seen all of these pieces before in other posts but everything will be linked below! I’m still OBSESSED with sweatshirt/jumper dresses (whatever you want to call them). This isn’t actually a dress, it’s a mens large sweatshirt which means I can’t actually wear it out because it’s a tad too short. But it’s great for standing around and taking photos in.

The boots I mentioned in my recent post All Black Everything. These boots are killer, but fair warning I got nasty blisters from wearing them for the first time during that last post. If you do purchase them make sure you break them in before walking around for a lengthy period of time. Also you can wear thick socks to avoid blisters. I wasn’t thinking and forgot to wear socks so my fault! Other then that I love them and I know eventually with use they will break in.

For accessories I threw in my handy gold plated spiked waist belt. Story behind the belt: In 2012 I went to an event at a mall near me and Carli Bybel was hosting the event with Smashbox. I got to meet her and her outfit consisted of this belt (photo below) and I knew I had to have it. She’s always been one of my fashion inspirations ever since I started following her.

(Talk about a glow up lol)

Steve Madden- Laurie Boot

ASOS- Plate & Spike Detail Waist Belt

Missguided- Black Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

(I was able to find an actual sweater dress for you all from Missguided)

Funny how last year I couldn’t find a sweater dress like this at all and now all of a sudden stores are carrying them. I’m definitely going to be getting the black one now that they carry it! Sweatshirt dresses with boots, wether thigh-high or the ones in the photo are my favorite fall/winter look.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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