Bath & Body Works Haul

I never really shopped at Bath & Body Works for myself before unless it was to get hand sanitizers. I always go in there with my mom to get hand soaps and candles for the house. Now I’ve never burned candles in my room before nor have I ever purchased my own candle. That all changed a couple of days ago when my boyfriend and I went in there. I bought the ‘But First Coffee” candle for him and we’ve been burning it everyday since then. It smells AMAZING, so obviously I went back and got one for myself. Now we only went in there for that one candle and ended up leaving with a big bag full of goodies. I guess you can’t go in there for just ONE thing lol.

Bath & Body Works always has sales going on (thank god) so you get more for your money when shopping there. One of the sales was if you spent $30 you got a $20 blanket. I ended up getting it for $15 because there was a 25% off coupon!  Next are the Aromatherapy soaps, the sale was either 6 for $25 or 4 for $20. My boyfriend and I each got two soaps, I got the Happiness and Focus.

The Aromatherapy line is made with natural essential oils and is meant to inspire tranquility & help calm your mind. Happiness contains Bergamot oil which creates a sense of well-being, and Mandarin oil which helps improve your mood. Focus has Eucalyptus which clears the mind, and Tea Extract which helps you focus. It says to breathe deeply for best results.

Lastly are the two candles, But First coffee & Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel. The packaging for these are so cute and goes perfect with the decor in my room which is a bonus! I wasn’t going to buy the bourbon candle but after smelling it and seeing the marble on the container I couldn’t leave without it. The Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel consists of : Barrel-Aged Bourbon, Soft Caramel, Coarse Sea Salt. But First Coffee has Rich Roasted Coffee, Sugared Brioche, Vanilla Crème. If you are a coffee lover than you need this candle in your life! The scent is so strong and it’s like being in a coffee shop.It has a strong, rich coffee scent with just a hint of sweetness. It has a solid 5 stars on the website and if you own this candle you know why!

Ultra-Soft Limited Edition Stadium Blanket

Aromatherapy Happiness Soap

Aromatherapy Focus Soap

But First Coffee Candle 

Bourdon Sea Salt Caramel Candle

Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel (Halloween edition)


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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