My Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare I keep it pretty simple. Some people have huge skincare regimens and for me personally that’s too much work and money. I have three products that I stick too and it seems to be doing the job. Everyone’s skin is different so it may take more than one product to get your skin to where it needs to be. For my skin a good face wash, and moisturizer is enough.

Other tips for clear skin is to drink lots of water. Water keeps the skin cells hydrated, and plumped making them look less wrinkled. It also flushes impurities and toxins out of the system keeping your face fresh and clean which reduces breakouts and acne. Make sure you clean your makeup brushes regularly because they hold a lot of bacteria which is another cause of acne. Another tip is don’t touch your face or lean your face on your hands. Again you touch things throughout the day which causes more bacteria that you’ll end up transferring to your face. Lastly DON’T sleep with your makeup on. Sleeping with makeup on can cause so many things such as breakouts, and dry skin.

My Routine 

  1. At night I wash my face with Aveeno Brightening Cleanser. This brightening cleanser helps improve skin tone, texture and clarity. It lifts away dirt, oil and makeup leaving your skin looking luminous. This is the only product I use to remove my makeup because I think it’s so much easier getting in the shower and just washing your face completely. I was never a fan of makeup removers because you can just use face wash. Lately I’ve noticed that my skin has been looking more glowly/luminous on days where I don’t have highlight on. I’m starting to think that’s from this face wash. This face wash has gold reflects in it and smells really nice as well.
  2. I’ve mentioned this in a post but the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is like magic in a bottle. I apply this a few times a week or when needed. It will virtually heal a surface pimple or whitehead overnight. This product is great if you really want to clear up your skin because it’s fast acting.
  3. Lastly is the Deja Vu Cosmetics Bioxage Day cream. It’s an all day moisturizer which I apply in the morning before I do my makeup. I really lather this stuff on because it’s super important to have hydrated skin. Nothing and I mean nothing is worse than trying to apply foundation to dry skin. I know we have all been there one time or another and it’s no fun.

Your skincare routine can be as easy as mine as long as you find the right products. Skincare can be expensive and timely and not everyone can afford a good skincare routine. I was luckily enough to find what works for me through trial and error. Your skin can change depending on your age, when I was younger I was a lot more oily. Now my skin is normal except for the occasional dry days. You just have to find what works for you and if that means using an expensive regimen or a drugstore one than that’s okay as long as it’s doing it’s job.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo


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