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Hey everyone I’m back with not one but two Kylie Lip Kits to review for you. It’s been a while since I last purchased a lip kit but this time I couldn’t resist. A couple weeks ago Kylie Cosmetics was running a buy one get one free deal. There was no hesitation in adding items to my cart because whats better then getting two items for the price of one? I’ve had my eye on the color Exposed for a while now because I’ve wanted a nude liquid lipstick. Liquid lipsticks are the only thing I wear because of how long they last. As far as the buy one get one free deal went there was a list of items to pick from before check out. Unfortunately you weren’t able to pick whatever you wanted from the site but that was fine with me.

(The lip photos are not mine)

Exposed  is a warm mid- tone beige which makes for the perfect everyday nude. This is a color you can throw on when you you want a little something on your lips. What I like to do is apply MAC Myth lipstick onto the center of my lips overtop of whatever liquid lip I’m wearing that day.  I do this because I like how it transforms the overall look with it being lighter in the center of my lips. If you overdraw your lips slightly and then apply the lighter color in the center it makes your lips appear bigger.

Dirty Peach  is a mid-tone yellow peach. What I love about this color is that it’s not chalky. I’ve come across some really chalky looking peach lipsticks and it’s very unflattering on the lips. This color looks great with a tan because it adds just enough pop of color. Again I apply Myth on the center because Myth is that perfect light neutral nude that goes with any color so it’s prefect for layering.

Left to Right: Exposed, & Dirty Peach

I swatched them in natural light because that’s how they actually look..beautiful! I love these colors, I think they are two shades that would complete a collection.

My Thoughts: 

I love her lip kits. I think she has beautiful shades that go with every skin tone, and they last for hours on the lips. They definitely amped up the formula since the last time I made a purchase (which is always a good thing). I did notice this time around that they are a lot tougher to get off. Personally that doesn’t bother me because it means they will stay on a lot longer. Overall these lip kits are always  a hit with me and they are all I wear!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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