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Hey everyone I thought it would be cool to share with you my absolute favorite sunnies! These are the Quay Australia x Desi Perkins collab. If you don’t know who Desi Perkins is she’s a beauty/fashion  Youtuber. They came out with these sunnies called High Key and they are my all time favorite sunglasses. Quay (pronounced Key) has many other styles such as Aviators, Cat Eye, Marble, Oversized, Round, and Vintage. They also recently launched a collection with Kylie Jenner (of course lol). Quay has so many sunglasses to suit everyones needs including men.

High Key is probably one of the most popular sunglasses they sell because they are amazing! Most of the girls you see on Instagram are probably rocking these (me being one of those girls). The High Keys are $65. When I received these High Key Black Fades it also came with a clear case and cleaning cloth, both are labeled with Quay x Desi. I received these sunnies for my birthday and I seriously couldn’t wait to wear them. The fade is what had me hooked because it’s so different and eye-catching.

The High Key Gold was the first pair I ordered from Quay and I quickly became obsessed with them. I get compliments on these sunglasses all the time (even from men). They are very eye-catching as well especially with the gold mirror lenses. These also come in silver, blue, and black. They fit perfect and are comfortable to wear. If you are like me and love big sunglasses that cover half your face than girl you need to buy these because they are a must have accessory!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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