How To Style: Camo Shirt Dress

Hey everyone, I’m back with another how to style. I mentioned in my last post that I purchased this camouflage shirt dress from Express a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t wait to style it for you guys because it’s so versatile! This is one of those pieces to have in your wardrobe because it goes with so many different things. On their website it has 4 1/2 stars and is 100% recommend. That is always a good sign when purchasing clothes. You can wear this dress weekly either casual or dressed up depending on your lifestyle.

Express- Camo Shirt Dress

Asos- Waist Belt 

Public Desire- Perspex Heels

You can style this dress so many ways that’s what’s great about it. I personally like styling dresses and/or rompers with waist belts because it gives you more of a shape and it adds a little something extra to the look. With this dress in particular the gold plated waist belt against the camouflage looks awesome! I of course had to pair it with my perspex heels to really pull the look together. These heels really do go with anything and if you paired the dress with just them it would still look bomb.

Down below is a photo of other shoes you could pair this dress with depending on where you are going. Combat boots are always a good idea especially if you want to dress it down for more of a casual look. Booties and heels work great too to dress it up. I would also wear it with sandals in the summer, either gladiator’s or regular sandals.

Wearing it with a leather jacket and maybe some thigh high boots would look awesome as well if it’s still cold wear you live. You can’t go wrong with a basic piece like this dress. You can style it so many ways just by pairing it with different shoes and accessories.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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