Oh My God..Shoes!

Shoes make an outfit, and it wasn’t until this past year that I really started to get into shoes. “Shoes are like ice cream, there’s always room for more”. You can never have too many pairs of shoes, am I right?! Today I’ll be sharing my favorite shoes in my collection, and my favorite brands!

Combat Boots


Every girl should own at least one pair of combat boots because they are the perfect shoe to throw on with either jeans, joggers, shorts, and even dresses. I love when the leather starts to get worn down because it really makes them edgy and badass. The ones on the left were the first pair I got (which was years ago, when they first came out), and they are so worn in now and I love it! Both are from Steve Madden which is my all time favorite shoe brand.

Steve Madden- Tarnney Studded Combat Boot

Madden Girl- Combat Boot

Over the Knee Boots

This wouldn’t be a shoe collection if I didn’t include my over the knee boots that I’m oh so obsessed with. Both pair are from Public Desire and are very comfortable. You’ve seen me style the heeled one’s many times, but I also got the flat ones as well. As much as I love the heeled ones they aren’t always practical when running errands or going to class. Public Desire has a 50% over the knee boots sale so go check it out!

Public Desire- Flat over the knee boots

Public Desire- Heeled over the knee boots



A good pair of black heels is essential for every girls wardrobe. The first pair I’ve talked about before and they are a skinny heeled sandal from Express. They are the perfect go-to heel for any outfit. Next are my Steve Madden platform heels. The heel is very high (5 inches) so these are definitely shoes for a special occasion.

Express- Skinny Heeled Sandal



I was going to make a separate post on these but decided to talk about them in this post instead. This were my first designer purchase, which was super exciting and nerve-racking at the same time! These are by Giuseppe Zanotti and are the (Carryover) Kriss sneaker. I got them on sale, trust me I would not have been able to afford them if they weren’t. I know not everyone can afford designer items and thats okay, I just wanted to include them in this post because they mean a lot to me being this was my first designer item I’ve purchased myself.



Booties are the perfect shoe to add to an outfit because it gives you some height but not as much as a heel would. Both are from Steve Madden, and like all of his shoes they are super comfortable. I love pairing the taupe ones with all black outfit’s because it really makes them stand out. The rhinestoned heels are literally amazing, I’ve never seen a shoe like that before so I’m so glad they are in my collection.

Steve Madden- Savor Bootie

Steve Madden- Rhinestone Platform Ankle Boot

Perspex Heel

There’s two posts dedicated to these bad boys you can check it out here and here if you haven’t already. I love love love these shoes because of how different they are. They are from Public Desire and are actually really comfortable and easy to walk in. The heel 4.2 inches which isn’t bad. The glitter heel is what really sold me on them, and the fact that they are clear. They are definitely one of my top favorites in my collection.

Public Desire- Perspex Heel Ankle Boot

Gladiator Sandal

I love gladiator sandals because they stand out so much and make an outfit 10x better. You can pair them with the most simple outfit yet still look really put together. I got these from Aldo last year for my birthday and they were my favorite shoe all summer.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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