Fashion Trends I’m Loving


Fashion is something that constantly changes. Which is amazing because with that comes different trends and today I wanted to share with you a few that I’ve actually been into.

Fishnet Socks

As you can see in the photos above fishnet socks actually give booties/ heels a cool girl vibe. It’s another way to dress up an outfit and add more detail. What I really love about these two photos and what really caught my eye was how the fishnet socks are the same color as the shoe. It gives your eyes more to look at when you add the socks.

     Fishnet Tights

I dont know why fishnets are so in right now but I’m not complaining. Ive seen this trend take over social media and I totally see why! I think this is awesome under ripped jeans, just like the socks it gives an outfit more detail. I really like how the fishnet tights are high waisted so depending on what style jeans you wear you will see it above your jeans also.

Perspex Heels

Lastly the perspex heels, I don’t know why but this trend is so super cool! I honestly think this is going to be huge for the summer. You can totally wear booties in the warmer months with shorts, but these clear ones give off more of a summer vibe since they are see-through, plus you can show off your cute pedi!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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