DIY: Rhinestone Choker

Im sure everyone has seen the infamous rhinestone choker floating around the internet. I’m obsessed with them and how they add instant glam to any outfit! The price for a good rhinestone choker is ridiculous, I came across one that was $100…I made this one for around $10. So I wanted to share it with you all because these would be adorable gifts to give friends for the holidays.

What you need: 


Bling Silver Ribbon

Ribbon Clasps

Jump rings

Lobster Clasp


All of this stuff can be found in Michaels, or any craft store near you! Luckily my mom had a majority of the supplies I needed, but this is so super easy to make yourself. You could also make bracelets out of this, which would be another great holiday gift!

How I made it:

  1. First you want to measure the ribbon on a ruler (For my neck it was just shy of 12inches). If you are making this for someone other then yourself I recommend using the extension chain that way they can adjust how tight they want it to fit their neck.
  2. Place a ribbon clasp at each end of the ribbon and secure with pliers.
  3. Once secure open up a jump ring with the help of the pliers and attach that to the ribbon clasp.
  4. Lastly attach the lobster claw to one of the jump rings and bam your finished!

Optional Supplies:

Extension Chain–  For the choker we made I didn’t use an extension chain because I just measured it to my neck. If you are gifting this for someone and you don’t want to measure their neck then measure the ribbon to 11inches and then use the extension chain along with the ribbon clasps. That way its easily adjustable depending on the persons neck.

E6000 Adhesive– This is totally optional. If you really want to secure the jump rings you can apply a little bit of adhesive to the openings that way you ensure nothing comes loose.

I wanted to include a video I found because this is exactly how it was made, and also I’m a visual learner so this is for anyone who wants to watch how it’s done. Keep in mind there are a lot of different ways you can make this.

This is how the finished product should look. Im obsessed with how it came out and I’m definitely going to be rocking this for the holidays! I hope you enjoyed this post and give this a try! Until next time xoxo


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  1. December 2, 2016 / 4:02 am

    I’ll definitely try this out

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