Cheap Thrills/ Stocking Stuffers


What’s Christmas without a stocking?! These awesome little gifts will be sure to make anyone pleased this holiday season. Not only are they extremely useful, but they are also under $20! The beauty lover will thank you this Christmas.

Philips Precision Trimmer


Any girl will appreciate this gift. If you have unwanted hair then definitely pick up one of these! This precision trimmer is the perfect size razor to get in-between the eyebrows, upper lip, and any other small areas. It’s skinny enough you can just throw it in your makeup bag and always have it handy incase you look in the mirror and realized you missed a spot..because lets me honest we have all done it one time or another.



Nothing is worse then wearing your favorite perfume and not being able to carry the entire bottle with you. With travalo you can bring your favorite perfume with you where-ever you go. This is especially handy for anyone who travels a lot since airports are very picky with how much liquids you are allowed to bring.

Minimergency Kit


Us girls like to be prepared for anything thats why we carry big purses. This minimergency kit is perfect to have in your bag at all times. It has everything you could possibly need while out. It includes:

– Adhesive bandage
– Safety pin
– Earring backs
– Deodorant towelette
– Nail polish remover pad
– Stain remover pad
– Clear elastics
– Lip balm
– Emery board
– Tampon
– Hair spray
– Clear nail polish
– Dental floss
– Mending kit
– Breath freshener
– Double-sided tape
– Pain reliever

Beauty Blender Cleaner


I love this cleanser because it comes with a little mat to really get a deep clean for your brushes. Whenever I’m feeling lazy I just use this little guy to clean all my brushes. Its hand held and you can bring it anywhere without having to lug a brush mat and cleaner. This is two in one and leaves your brushes very clean.

Body Icecream


I wrote about this a while ago and I’m still super obsessed! This lotion smells amazing and for those who didn’t read about it on my other post it’s body cream that contains soft cookie chip pieces that melt when massaged—leaving skin soft and smooth but never greasy. The smell of this is enough to make you want to eat it! The packaging alone makes it a great gift. I love when companies use desserts as inspiration behind their products, and lets be real who doesn’t love ice cream and sweet scents!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo

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