UNiDAYS: Perks of Student Life




This one is for all my college students out there! We all now how getting discounts work..you sign up for a bunch of emails you don’t necessarily want in order to know when there’s a sale, wait for coupons in the mail, or happen to walk into a store when they are having a sale. Well your day just got better because I want to share with you a brand called UNiDAYS. *In order to use this you have to be a college student with a college email address. UNiDAYS is  FREE to join and easy to use, UNiDAYS gives you access to the best student discount online and in-store with all the leading brands and retailers. You no longer have to wait to receive discounts or coupons, because with UNiDAYS there available at any time!

I know the struggle of the college girl budget with wanting to save and spend all your money at the same time. I came across UNiDAYS while shopping on Missguided a while back, it was featured at the top of their homepage so I decided to click on it and I’m so glad I did. Now every time I shop online at Missguided I can apply a student discount EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I purchase something #WINNING. The discount price can change but it’s no less then 20% and you get a new code to use each time during check out.

They have discounts for online and in-store which makes shopping THAT much better. They have everything you need from: Clothing, technology, music, stationery, food and more. UNiDAYS is partnered with the biggest brands including ASOS, Apple, Spotify, Paperchase and McDonald’s. Now you can save anytime you shop, all year round. Other brands they include are: Express, Urban Outfitters, Missguided, Hollister, Sigma Beauty &  Zumba seriously you name it they probably have it!

About 4 months ago I posted a photo with the hashtag: ThanksUNiDAYS because they were doing some kind of giveaway (I don’t exactly remember what it was) but anyway I ended up winning a gift voucher to ASOS, I then purchased a black parka which I received the other day and then today I purchased some more items for FREE. Thanks to UNiDAYS and my gift voucher I got some good pieces without spending a dime.

If you are a college student you NEED to sign up because the idea of saving college kids money on things they need (or want) is such a genius idea. College is expensive we all know that so saving some money whenever you can is important plus it’s FREE so go sign up and start shopping..you won’t be disappointed.

Until next time xoxo

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