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You probably all have this product in your house but you probably don’t know all it can do. I love Vaseline because even though it can be used to protect minor cuts/ burns, soften skin, and lock in moisture in dry, cracked skin it has a whole other list of things it can be used for. Here are some ways you can incorporate vaseline into your beauty routine!

1.Moistens Chapped Lips..I have the actual vaseline lip therapy and I apply it before bed every night so I wake up with smooth lips. No chapstick can compare to this.

2. Makes Perfume Last Longer– Apply a small amount wherever you will be spraying your                 perfume that way the perfume has something to stick to throughout the day.

3. Use With Highlighter– I learned this trick from Youtube and I’m obsessed. Same thing as the perfume tip..apply a small amount on the tops of your cheek bones and then with a beauty blender apply your highlight. The Vaseline makes it really stand out and it’s blinding when the light hits it.

4. Tames Unruly Eyebrows– If you are like me then you use brow wax to tame your eyebrows after filling them in. Well if you are low on money or completely ran out of brow wax then look no further then your bathroom closet. The vaseline will work just like the brow wax by holding the hairs in place.

5. Slick Back Stray Hairs– If you are someone who wears ponytails a lot then this trick is for you. Those little baby hairs or fly aways can be very annoying when trying to get a slick pony. Using vaseline will help those hairs stay down.

6. Lengthen & Thicken Eyelashes– I’ve never tried this because I have long eyelashes but I thought this trick would benefit someone out there.It helps moisturize your lashes to make them appear longer, and healthier. The increased moisture will stimulate hair follicles to help your lashes grow. To apply, take a q-tip and dip into the vaseline.

I hope these tips and tricks helped some of you, if you have never tried using vaseline for any of these things then definitely give it a try. If it’s a product you keep in your house then why not use it, you never know it could save you a lot of money in replace of other products.

Until next time xoxo

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