Kylie Cosmetics: Makeup Bag


As you should all know by now I love kylie cosmetics, this is now my fourth post talking about her products. I know it can be a hassle trying to get your hands on her products but it’s so worth the wait sometimes! She came out with a ton of products for her limited edition birthday collection and this makeup bag was one of them. I knew the moment she showed it on snapchat that I needed it.

The bag was $42 and I received it in about a week which wasn’t bad. The inside of the bag is huge and has one additional pocket. The zipper is a “K” which I think is a cute touch, and can I say I’m OBSESSED with the logo! It’s so edgy yet girly with the lips and the gold teeth. As far as the makeup bag itself it’s very durable and high quality.

I’m very happy with it and it fits a lot (what every girl wants to hear). You can see by the photo that I still have plenty of room left to add more stuff. Unfortunately I don’t know when or if she’ll be restocking this but definitely keep your eyes out for it! She posts updates usually on Twitter/Snapchat & Instagram. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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