My Favorite Nudes


You can never have too many nude I right? Well yesterday I went to MAC to hand in my empties (for those who don’t know what that means, when you bring in 6 empty MAC products you get a free lipstick for recycling) and to repurchase a foundation. Even though there are so many pretty colors to choose from I obviously went with a nude yet again. After looking at the reviews and how many I saw for this color I went with Velvet Teddy, which is one of their more popular colors.

I love pinky nudes since a majority of the colors I pick are nude with ¬†pink undertones. I’m also into mauve lipsticks like the whole Kylie lip color trend where everyone was trying to find what color she wore before she came out with her own lip kits. I swatched all the nude lipsticks I have from MAC since I love their products and the fact that the lipsticks smell like vanilla!


From left to right- Myth, Pure Zen, Blankety, Brave, Honey Love, & Velvet Teddy

My all time favorite ones are Honey Love and Blankety. You can never go wrong with nude shades because they go with any makeup look. Let me know what your favorite nude lipstick is from MAC!

Until next time xoxo

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