“Would you rather” Beauty tag


Hello everyone, I thought it would be fun and something different to do the “Would you rather” beauty tag. I saw this post on Camille Shern’s blog and really wanted to do it! So lets get right into it..

• Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice make-up or Nice hair and no make-up?  

Definitely messy hair and nice makeup! I’m more into makeup then I am hair.

• Would you rather shave your eye brows or have your eye lashes fall out?

Thats a scary question, I would rather do neither…I guess shave my eye brows, because I could always draw them back on.

• Would you rather be forced to shop at only MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?

Well this is a tough question. I started out using MAC, but Sephora has so many different brands & products..so I’ll pick Sephora.

• Would you rather wear lip gloss/lip liner look or 80’s perm?

Oh lord..lip gloss/lip liner. I could make it work.

• Would you rather leave the house with an obvious foundation line or overdone blush?

Well being that I don’t wear blush I’ll go with the obvious foundation line.

• Would you rather wear MC Hammer pants or biker shorts in public?

Biker shorts, they look like a longer version of the nike pro shorts I wear.

• Would you rather have a bad orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can’t be covered?

I wouldn’t want to look like I rolled in a bag of doritos, so weird tan lines it is.

• Would you rather have a bad haircut or bad hair color?

I dont color my hair, so bad haircut.

• Would you rather have YouTube or Twitter taken away forever?

Twitter, I could care less about twitter. The only reason I use it is for my blog.

• Would you rather give up using makeup brushes or mascara?

I would rather give up mascara, you could always pop on false lashes and be good to go.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I challenge all of you to do it! Until next time xoxo

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  1. June 19, 2016 / 5:34 pm

    This is great! Definitely messy hair and nice makeup! Thanks for tagging me x

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