Kylie Lip Kit: Candy K


I finally got my hands on one of these bad boy’s and I’m OBSESSED!! As we all know these lip kits are very difficult to get your hands on being that they sell out within seconds every time there’s a new launch. Luckily I was able to purchase one last week and I couldn’t of been more excited to receive it!


I’ll start with the packaging…SO CUTE, I love the lips with the dripping lipstick and how glamorous yet edgy it is. It also came with a written note on the back of the card which Kylie wrote which adds a very personal touch. I received it pretty quick, only took a week. Let me just say this packaging is so Instagramable!


The shade I purchased is Candy K, I’ve been eyeing this shade up for a while because its similar to Pure Hollywood by ABH and since I’m running low on that one I figured I’d try this out. This color is a little bit darker than Pure Hollywood but that’s okay because I’ve fallen in love with Candy K.

The lip kit also comes with a lip liner which is also amazing! They both glide on super smooth, and have a lot of pigment. The applicator on the liquid lipstick shapes perfectly to the lip and distributes just the right amount of product. It does have a very strong cake scent but that doesn’t bother me. It dries really fast, and doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry AT ALL which was amazing, it literally felt like I had nothing on my lips. This lip kit was $29 which wasn’t bad considering it comes with a lip liner as well.

I now understand why these sell out as quick as they do, because they are seriously amazing and I hope to get my hands on another one soon! The formula is amazing and I highly recommend you all try to purchase one because you will not be disappointed!


Also It’s been two years since I’ve had this blog and I can not thank you all enough for your constant support. It means the world to me to watch this blog grow, so thank you all so much!!

Until next time xoxo

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