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Don’t you wish that whenever you pined or liked an outfit on Pinterest it automatically ended up in your wardrobe?! Yeah wishful thinking, but I love going on Pinterest when I need some inspiration when putting an outfit together. There are millions of photos on Pinterest and when it comes to searching for an outfit it gives you any possible combination you can think of. If you search “summer outfits” at the top it gives you options such as: boho, for work, casual, edgy and so on. So whatever you have in mind Pinterest is there to help direct you to the exact outfit for any occasion. The above photo is just some of my recent favorite outfits I wish I had!

What makes this app even better is that if you really like an outfit or piece of clothing and the photo is linked to a website you can click it and find exactly where to purchase it. Or you can hit the shop category  which shows you the price of the item and then you can go to the link to purchase it.

Pinterest is an app of amazing clothing, DIY’s, food, gifts, you name it and it’s definitely a must have app for me because I constantly go to it for fashion inspiration. I have put together many outfits due to the help of Pinterest. If you don’t have an account yet then seriously sign up because it’s an app you will find yourself constantly going back too when in need of a little inspiration.

Let me know in the comments what you use Pinterest for if you have one!

Until next time xoxo!

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