Essie Gel Setter: Long lasting Mani or Pedi


I don’t know about you, but I hate when I paint my nails and it ends up chipping the next day. To me thats so frustrating when polish doesn’t stay on like it should. I only paint my toes because I go to get my nails done but still I want my nail polish to last more than a couple of days.

So for easter my mom had bought me the Essie Gel Setter top coat and obviously I couldn’t wait to try it. I’m happy to say that my nail polish on my toes has lasted about a month so far with no chipping and it’s still shiny!

What it is:

Jet-setters need solid, go-getter shine that works as hard as they do. essie gel•setter™ tops any of your favorite essie colors with all the cushy, rock-hard shine of a gel, in a foolproof formula for at home manis and pedis.

  • gel-like color and shine
  • use with any of essie’s 300+ shades
  • no gel curing time. no lamp. easy removal.

Two of my favorite colors for spring and summer are

Lounge lover: It’s destiny. you and this pretty pink peach are simply meant to be. hurray for happy endings! This color is part of the 2016 collection and is the latest trend on the Essie website.

Bikini So Teeny: Daring meets darling in pretty yet provocative cornflower blue. this sparkling nail polish bares it all with a wink and a smile and no strings attached.

I love Essie because they have so many gorgeous colors and they have great reviews!


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo.

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    Completely unrelated but with did you get that gorgeous dish!

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