Beauty Essentials


I’m sure most of you have products that you just can’t live without, these are some of my holy grail beauty essentials. Of course there are a lot more products I can’t live without such as the beauty blender and certain lipsticks but these products are hands down my ride or die essentials.

I’ve mentioned every product listed in individual posts but they are really great products and I recommend you try at least one of them. The Urban Decay oil control setting spray is a life savor if any of you have oily skin, this leaves your face matte all day long, while keeping the makeup in place. The ABH lip primer I can’t say enough good things about it, put this on before any lip pigment and I promise your lipstick will last 2x as long. Helping hands by lush is my saving grace. The lotion is specifically for hands that spend to much time in sinks, which causes them to become dry. I put this lotion on before bed and anytime my hands are just feeling rough.

The Nivea after shave balm has been the new beauty trend, you apply it has a primer all over the face before applying your makeup. The glycerin in the balm helps the makeup stick and last longer. Marc Jacobs velvet lash mascara is AHHH-MAZING the fullness and length it gives my lashes is ridiculous. It’s also a very black mascara which I love and I’m obsessed with it. Lastly I’ve mentioned this product soon many times…Jaclyn Hill’s favorite palette my Morphe. I know you can’t purchase the palette anymore but you can make your own and fill it with the same colors. I use this palette every day and I seriously can not live without it. Morphes shadows are beyond amazing and the shadows are too pigmented. I also have the 35K palette which has the perfect everyday neutral shades in it.

If anyone has these products let me know what you think of them. Until next time xoxo

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