Ridiculous Beauty Trend: Full Body Contouring

As most of you may know contouring has been a major beauty trend that anyone can do. It’s a great way to transform your face without surgery, and cost way less. But are people taking this trend to far..? Full body contouring has become a “trend” if you can even call it that, but in my opinion it’s very ridiculous. What I don’t get is that people have the time to sit/stand there and fully contour their body to get “fake abs”, and “perky boobs”.

If you want abs or a better looking body than go to the gym and work for it, because at the end of the day your fake abs & perky boobs are going to wash away. Everyone now a days is trying to find the easy way out to get fast results instead of actually working for it. Don’t get me wrong face contouring is fully acceptable along with over lining lips to give them a fuller appearance, but when it comes to this full body contour it’s pushing it a little too far.

Might I add the back of the neck contour…how does one even begin to contour the back of their neck without help? I’m sorry but no one is going to be looking that intently at the back of your neck. Some beauty trends should not be considered a trend because they are ridiculous and not realistic for most people. I just felt the need to bring up this topic because I’ve seen so many photos and videos of this. I want to know what you all think of this topic so please leave a comment below!


Until next time xoxo

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